Tickets can be found here: https://t1airsoft.com/events or in person or on the phone at the T1 Airsoft retail store.
Tickets are $35 and $40 at the door.
Tickets are non-refundable but may be used towards future T1 Airsoft purchases. 


T1 Airsoft Outdoor Field

8000 N I- 35 Service Rd

Oklahoma City, OK 73131


Caliban is a war torn country where power is law and where riches can be had for those willing to take up arms. Private Military Contractors (PMCs) around the world engage in fights across the Caliban countryside. Those who survive walk away rich men and the blood of those who have fallen nourish the war economy. Life is hard in Caliban.

You and your team have been deployed to Caliban as free agents, aiding the Caliban Warlords with their agendas. Everyone has their price.


General rules can be found at: https://t1airsoft.com/rules

Additional event-specific rules are as follows:

-When shot/killed players may be revived once with a bandage tied around their arm (this is buddy aid).

-Any participant may buddy aid another participants.

-Players wearing body armor may be revived an additional time with a bandage tied around their arm.

-Players wearing a helmet may be revived an additional time with a bandage tied around their arm.

-Bandages may not be removed unless at respawn.

-Bandages can be purchased via in-game curency.

-Players will start with 2 bandages.

-Medics are special roles assigned roles that allow players to remove/reset bandages.

-Some buildings or objectives may have white tape on them that indicate an EOD specialist is necessary to enter that building or interact with that prop.

-EODs are special roles that are assigned to a team when EOD required missions/contracts are assigned. EODs are able to remove white tape from buildings and may interact with props labeled with EOD in white tape.


-Teams are separated into six (6) separate PMC teams (see below).

-Each team will have an ally team, but function separately.

-Each set of teams will have a specific Respawn location. There will be 3 respawns total.

-Teams will manuever through the warzone, make contact with Warlords in the field who will assign them contracts. Teams will then conduct these contracts and be paid by the Warlord upon completion.

-Currency will be tracked via unique Pocker Chips. White Chips: $10,000. Blue Chips: $50,000. Red Chips: $100,000.


None. Participants may wear whatever color or style uniform or gear they prefer.

PMC groups will be identified by arm bands during gameplay.



There are three main PMC Companies that operate inside of Caliban, Anderson & Bell Co., Carpenter & Doyel Co., and Everett & Gibson Co.

Each company maintains contracts with specific PMC Teams. While these teams are considered allies, they fall under their own command. The companies they operate under ensures that these teams are not assigned competing contracts.

There are three (3) PMC Companies with six (6) PMC Teams operating in Caliban:

The Anderson & Bell PMC Company

-Alpha Team, callsign Archeangel (Orange Armbands)

-Bravo Team, callsign Basilisk (Yellow Armbands)

The Carpenter & Dyole PMC Company

-Charlie Team, callsign Cerberus (Blue Armbands)

-Delta Team, callsign Demon - (Purple Armbands)

The Everett & Gibson PMC Company

-Echo Team, callsign Eagle (Pink Armbands)

-Golf Team, callsign Gremlin (Green Armbands)


Timetable is subject to change. Participants should arrive at 1000 hours to assure for smooth transitioning into the event.


Saturday, June 6th, 2020

0900 hours - Gates open.

0930 hours - Check in/chrono opens.

1115 hours - Safety/game briefing.

1145 hours - Players move onto field.

1200 hours - Day game starts. Objective round 1 starts.

1400 hours - Objective round 2 starts.

1600 hours - Objective round 3 starts.

1800 hours - Break

2100 hours - Night game starts. Objective round 4 starts.

2359 hours - Day 1 End.


Sunday, June 7th, 2020

0900 hours - Gates open.

0930 hours - Check in/chrono opens.

1115 hours - Safety/game briefing.

1145 hours - Players move onto field.

1200 hours - Day 2 day game starts. Objective round 5 starts.

1400 hours - Objective round 6 starts.

1700 hours - Game over.


Participants will arrive and be directed (by staff and signage) to a sign in desk where they will to check in, receive event items and intel if applicable, chronograph all replicas, be directed to their leadership, conduct training if available, and conduct Pre Combat Checks & Inspections.


Each PMC Team is a part of a PMC Company. Each PMC company has a their own respawn point.

Alpha/Bravo will repsawn at Respawn 1.

Charlie/Delta will respawn at Respawn 2.

Echo/Golf will respawn at Repsawn 3.

Company organization and respawn locations may change throughout the day at the administration's discretion.


All participants should bring food, water, and equipment that will last them through the above mentioned time table.

Water is mandatory and will not be provided for this event.