Cheating and/or disobeying the following rules will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and banned from future play if found cheating. 


All players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated eye protection. Eye protection must be worn at all times while on the field. Eye protection is a zero tolerance policy. 


Admins are the only figures on the field with authority. Do not attempt to resolve issues yourself.
Admins may be reached via radio on Channel 10 (Frequency 467.612).
All players are expected to listen to administration at all times. 


The staging area and park lot are considered safe zones. Participants should not aim or fire their replicas at others while in a safe zone. 


The minimum age is 8. Players under 12 will require a parent or guardian to be present for their first time. Players under 18 require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Players under 18 are required to wear lower face protection as well. 


All participants are expected to treat each other with respect.
Do not call other participants out as ‘hit’. They will call themselves out if they were hit.
Hate speech of any kind is not allowed.
Threatening other players will result in an immediate ban. 


If a participant’s eye protection falls, is hurt during gameplay, or hears other yelling “blind man”, all other participants are required to stop shooting their replicas and yell “blind man!” as well. Admins should be contacted via radio as well. 


Participants are required to have dead rags on their person at all times. Dead rags are a piece of red cloth to be prominently displayed when shot by a BB during gameplay. 


All participants are required to have their replicas chronographed before participating any games. Participants are also required to surrender their replicas for inspection to the administration if asked to insure safe replica operations. 


Blind firing is where a participant shoots their replica without aiming, specifically around a corner. Blind firing is strictly prohibited. 


Minimum engagement distances are the distance at which participants are allows to shoot each-other with their replicas. This distance changes depending on the FPS and style of replica being used as explained below:

 Bio-DEGradable BbS ONLY

All Tier One Airsoft fields require the use of biodegradable BBs. Non-biodegradable are not allowed on the premises of our fields or events. 


  • All replicas must shoot at or below 400fps (1.48 joules), have a 0 ft minimum engagement distance, and may only fire semi-automatic.


  • All rifle/shotgun/pistol/submachine replicas must shoot at or below 400fps (1.48 joules) and have a 0 ft minimum engagement distance, and may only fire semi-automatic.
  • All  Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) replicas must shoot at or below 450fps (1.87 joules), have a 40 ft minimum engagement distance, and may only fire semi-automatic.
  • All  Machine Gun replicas must shoot at or below 450fps (1.87 joules), have a 40 ft minimum engagement distance, and may fire fully-automatic.
  • All Sniper Rifle/Bolt Action Rifle replicas must shoot at or below 550fps (2.8 joules), have a 80 ft minimum engagement distance, and may only be bolt-action.



Real firearms are not allowed at the field due to the similarities with airsoft replicas. 


Participants are suggested to bring a radio.
Listening to the other team's communications is prohibited unless directed by administration.
Jamming a radio frequency is not allowed. 


All grenades have a 20ft kill radius regardless of design.
BBs expelled from any type of grenade count as a ‘hit’, even if more than 20ft away.
Walls and half walls count as cover against a grenade. However, other players, trees, and items between you and the grenade do not.
All grenades must detonate to count as a kill.
Previously detonated grenade or shells are not allowed to be thrown at other participants to fool them. Detonated grenades or shells are considered destroyed once used.
Grenades may only be rearmed at respawn. 


Grenade launchers are allowed at Stockyard Airsoft but with specific restrictions. Any violation of these restrictions may result in expulsion.
Only approved foam rockets may be used in grenade launchers. Grenade shells may not be loaded with BBs, only gas. This gas should only be used to propel foam rockets.
Any foam rocket fired from a grenade launcher is considered a grenade, with a 20ft kill radius.
Grenade shells used to propel foam rockets may only be recharged with propellant at respawn. 


Any participant hit by a BB, within 20ft of a detonating grenade, or touched from behind by an authorized melee weapon is considered 'dead' and must immediately move back to respawn.
Dead participants do not speak to ‘living’ participants. 


Contact kills are made with realistic training weapons. Players may only complete a contact kill against another player from behind. 


We do not provide ‘safety kills’ at our field. Players must be struck with a BB, within 20ft of a detonated grenade, or ‘hit’ with an approved melee weapon. 


A no conflict field means is that at no point should a participant conflict with another participant on the rules or problems with that participant. If you are having a problem with a participant while in the game please identify the participant and bring the situation up with the administration. The administration will handle all problems with players or gameplay.